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Oct 26 2007


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I don’t watch a lot of TV. I’d like to say something about moral values and whatnot here, but you know, it just wouldn’t be true. I’m just an entertainment snob. (This makes my husband buggy.) I’d rather spend my time writing with music on, or playing a game. Or watching the best box of them all: my aquarium.

(He hates picking out movies to watch. “Do you want to see this?” Nah. “What about this?” Ew. “How about this?” Neh. “AUGH!” And don’t even get him started on what I’ll see at the theater.)

I do have staple shows. “Dirty Jobs” is a favorite. Mike Rowe is a hottie, if you ask me. “Mythbusters” is also on a lot. I like “Cash Cab”, too. Why yes, I do leave it on Discovery Channel, why do you ask?

This season, though, I’ve gotten sucked in by a couple of network shows. I watch “Dancing with the Stars” every season. I really like “Pushing Daisies”. It’s cute, and it’s a terrific example of use of sexual tension. My husband likes “Bionic Woman”. (He thinks Jamie Sommers is cute. I think it’s payback for me watching so much Mike Rowe.)

My favorite by far, however, is “Dirty Sexy Money”. I really like this show. It’s just soapy enough to be a lot of guilty fun, but it has a plotline, and the characters are vibrant and actually evolve. I take time out every week to watch it, and that’s saying something, for me. I have a TiVo for a reason.

Usually so that I can say, “Yeah, I’d like to see that” and program it, then forget I recorded it and never watch it.

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Oct 02 2007


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Welcome to Cassandra Moore’s website, blog, and general information area!

I’m glad you’ve found me, and were interested enough to come and read. I’ll update as often as I have something even remotely interesting to say! I hope to post plenty of information and snippets for you to enjoy.

Special thanks go to Jon for his help with this site. Without his help, this would be a very sad looking site. He answered a frustrated shriek of a text message, and came to my rescue!

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