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Dec 01 2008

Dear Santa

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Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. What do I want for the holidays? An iPhone/iTouch so that I can use Stanza to read all the romance I need from all the publishers I love that I buy at All Romance
. You see, Santa, I deserve the iPhone/iTouch because it will keep me out of trouble. You and I both know that reading’s the only thing that distracts me.

Well…not the only thing.

Remember the last time I ran out of books to read? I tried to do an “interactive reading” of my favorite scenes from that erotic romance novel with the hot firefighter that lives next door. Which wasn’t really a bad idea, come to think of it. But you know what happens when I get bored. I end up looking for a cowboy to help me ride the range.

And I can have all this in my favorite books, right there in the palm of my hand, if you bring me that iTouch. I can order any fantasy I can think of from All Romance eBooks. I don’t have to hunt down that naughty cop with the fuzzy handcuffs. Or Prince Charming.

We both want me to stay on your Nice List, don’t we?

Much love,


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