Cassandra Moore is…

I’m an author of erotic romance. I do mostly urban fantasy/paranormal books, or books with a BDSM bent. I also enjoy writing futuristic stories. My first published work, Meghan’s Submission, is a BDSM novella with Cobblestone Press. I have two other works contracted for future publication, also with Cobblestone Press. The first is New Life, a story in the Vampire Oracle series, which will be out in October of 2008. The second is an urban fantasy/shifter book, Taint of Shadow, likely to be released in 2009.

I’m a 35 year old Arizonan. I have a husband, two kids, two cats, and two guinea pigs, and my kids have a pair of Siberian dwarf hamsters. I am also a computer geek. I build my own computers, I work with both Windows and Linux, and I love computer games (and my Xbox 360). I enjoy aquaria, especially cichlids from Lake Tanganyika, knitting, and of course, reading.

Cassandra Moore reads…

I read nearly anything I can get my hands on. My husband enjoys political books and books about computer security, so I read those. My mother-in-law buys a lot of suspense and thriller-type books, like Stephen King and Dean Koontz, so I read those. Let’s face it, the best book is a free book.

For myself, I buy a lot of science fiction and fantasy, especially darker works, and very quirky fiction. I don’t have too many people on “auto buy”, but the few I do have include Peter F. Hamilton, Joe Abercrombie, and Jasper Fforde. I love Hamilton’s “Commonwealth” series (okay, so I actually worship his plotting ability), Abercrombie’s “The First Law” series, and Fforde’s “Tuesday Next” books.

I also love good detective and assassin books. Mickey Spillane is a guilty pleasure, and I love Lawrence Block. And I adore classics. I am a huge HP Lovecraft fan (I have a stuffed Cthulhu, and a stuffed Nyarlothep). Milton, Homer, and especially Poe are favorites.

And, of course, erotic romance. I’ll read just about anything that’s not a straight contemporary. I especially love Western historicals, darker romance and erotica, paranormal/urban fantasy, fantasy, and BDSM. I love a good alpha male, a cowboy, or a very unconventional hero. Especially one that kicks ass and takes names. It’s starting to get inconvenient to read all my e-books on my old Palm Pilot. Now I just have to decide what variety of e-book reader I like.

Cassandra Moore watches…

I like good, smart movies. I’m not much into “stupid humor”, so you won’t see a lot of Adam Sandler-type movies on our shelves. In fact, I can’t say that we have a lot of comedies at all. My husband and I joke about our “uplifting” movie selection a lot.

The Matrix series is well-loved here. Also, V for Vendetta, which gets watched religiously every November 5. We love O Brother, Where Art Thou, which is a very funny play on Homer’s Odyssey with a terrific soundtrack. Batman Begins gets a lot of play, as do the two Vampire Hunter D anime movies, Vampire Hunter D and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. And our Netflix queue has so much bizarre stuff in it.

On television, we watch just a few things, mostly on Discovery Channel. “It Takes a Thief”, “Deadliest Catch”, “Dirty Jobs”, “Mythbusters” and “Survivorman” are the usual fare. National Geographic has a show on occasionally called “Fight Science” that I love to death. If forced, I will admit that I also happen to like “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Gladiators”. Under pain of torture, I will spill that I watch “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette”.

Cassandra Moore listens to…

Oh boy. This isn’t an easy answer. The shortest I can make it is, “If it isn’t rap, Top 100, hip-hop, country, jazz or blues, I probably listen to it.” Even then, I probably have a song or two that breaks those rules.

I like symphonic rock, 80s music, Goth, folk, bluegrass, classic rock, stuff, and I like it served in the weirdest mix possible. My main playlist is over 14 hours of music and is close to 200 songs. I keep smaller playlists for specific purposes, like mood music for steamy scenes or fight scenes, but mostly I just pick the music I like best, throw it in one big mix, and hit “play”.

The best way to answer this is to direct you to my Last.fm profile. Last.fm is a terrific service that I love dearly. And it’ll give you nifty graphs of what I listen to most.

Current favorite band? Abney Park. Steampunk music is win.

Cassandra Moore does…

I love aquariums. I keep one, and fight not to set up others. I have just gotten out of saltwater aquaria because it’s expensive, and I spend too much time doing other things to properly maintain it. Instead, I am returning to my true passion, cichlids from Lake Tanganyika. These are very unique fish, many of them with a community lifestyle and very interesting behaviors.

I also love knitting. I like to create, be it worlds or hats. Knitting is a good de-stressing activity, and sometimes, it helps me focus when a plot isn’t coming together right. I buy more knitting books than I ought to. I probably have more patterns than I’ll ever manage to get knitted. And I live in the desert. Sweaters aren’t all that popular here.

Video games are a vice. My computer is built for gaming, and I have an Xbox 360. I want a Wii.

I have never been to Dallas.