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Oct 19 2008

Thanks, Coffeetime!

This morning, I shambled out of the bedroom to find a wonderful thing in my inbox. It seems that Danielle at Coffeetime Romance reviewed Taint of Shadow, and thought it was fantastic! She wrote up a terrific review, which you can read right here, but more, she awarded it with their CTRR Award!

This is their reviewer’s recommendation award. She liked it so well that she wants to recommend it, and I’m just tickled purple (I don’t do pink). This is a terrific honor, and I don’t think there’s anything nicer than to hear that someone loves your book enough to enthuse about it to others.

Thanks, Danielle!

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Aug 22 2008

Release Day – Taint of Shadow!

Today’s the release day for Taint of Shadow! Everyone run, don’t walk, over to Cobblestone for your copy of my exciting werewolf epic!

Want to help spread the word? Just copy and paste the code down in the box onto your blog!

On the night of the blue moon, werewolves Kayla and Noah will find their lives changed forever.

Kayla is captured on the way to her wedding, the final piece of a ritual meant to create twisted werewolves loyal to a rogue vampiric coterie. A year later, she wants revenge, and she won’t let anyone get in her way. Not even her mate.

Noah’s search for Kayla has nearly destroyed the truce that keeps war from erupting between the vampires and werewolves. Can he confront the taint of shadow in his lover, and save both their love and the supernatural community?

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Aug 16 2008

What Makes an Alpha – at the Cobblestone Blog

Check out my post today on what makes an alpha, over at the Cobblestone Press Blog! And make sure you catch Taint of Shadow on August 22! (You’re going to get tired of hearing me say that.)

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Aug 10 2008

The Path of the Alpha

Alpha males have a tremendous appeal. They’re strong, brave, even brash, and they don’t take crap from anyone. In urban fantasy and werewolf stories, you’ll almost always find one mentioned, if not featured center stage. The alpha has almost a magical appeal.

Just the word “alpha” can set your scalp tingling and your spine on fire. He’s the man who might not have it all together, but will find a way to pull it off and get what he wants, be it the defeat of the villain or the love of the girl.

But how does he get where he is? What makes an alpha male, and how does he go from the middle of the bunch to the leader of the pack?

This is the theme I explore in my upcoming release, Taint of Shadow. Noah has been happy to let another wolf lead until extraordinary events and unfortunate circumstances evolve him. Evolution’s not easy. The best leaders want nothing to do with being in charge, but know that they’re the best men for the job.

Noah is a fascinating hero. He is, in the words of the song, just a man whose circumstances have gone beyond his control. And his rise to the challenge, his mastery of the wolf within, and his quest to save the woman that he loves from both the forces of darkness and herself is a story that I greatly enjoyed writing.

He won’t give up. He won’t back down. No matter how bad it gets, Noah will be there to pull his pack through.

Taint of Shadow comes out from Cobblestone Press on August 22. The Books page on my site has the cover and a bit of a teaser, and will have an excerpt very soon. Also, the Series page gives you some information about Heart of Darkness, the series that Taint of Shadow belongs to. Check it out!

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Jul 31 2008

Taint of Shadow – August 22!

Taint of Shadow CoverNow that August’s almost here, I can let you know when you can get your hands on this first piece of my werewolf Heart of Darkness series! Come August 22, get yourself down to Cobblestone Press and grab your copy of Taint of Shadow!

This story is among my favorite things that I’ve ever written. It’d dark, it’s sweet, it has hot werewolves and a battle between good and evil. It’s got a beautiful cover to go with it. I’m so excited for this to come out.

I’m sure I’ll be talking a lot about this between now and release day, so make sure you read regularly to hear more about this piece of a werewolf epic!

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Jul 23 2008

Taint of Shadow Cover!

Taint of Shadow Cover

Oh, I’m so excited. There’s just not much more exciting than getting your cover art…

Except getting cover art that you’ve been dying for because you knew what the picture looked like beforehand!

This picture was a cover that was premade. I saw the look on her face, the glasses, and his strong pose, and I just fell in love with it. So I asked if the artist, the gorgeous and talented Sable Grey, would hold onto it for me. She kindly agreed, and I wrote Taint of Shadow based on that picture. That is the heroine, Kayla. That is what she looks like, and her attitude. It was so perfect.

And now, finally, I get to share it with everyone. I’m over the (full) moon!

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Jul 09 2008

It’s Done!

Well, so much for needing a couple more days to finish it.

I knuckled down yesterday and cranked out the rest of the last chapter and the epilogue. So Stain of Midnight is now finished! I’m very proud of myself, as well as pleased with the finished product.

This book represents a lot of firsts for me. This the longest thing I have ever written. Back in the day, I wondered how I’d ever manage to write longer stories. I’ve fought with that since I first picked up a pen. Lately, though, I’ve learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. The words come, and sometimes, I have a problem making them stop. I had to throttle them back on this one, or it would have run very long.

This is, consequently, the longest thing I’ve ever finished. The old “longest thing I’ve ever written” wasn’t done yet.

I started this book on June 5. I finished it yesterday, July 8. Since I take weekends off, and had at least one three day weekend in there, it means I finished it in about 20 days. It’s 62k long. That’s not too shabby!

I’ve never done a sequel before, either. It has a lot of very unique challenges, and continuity’s just the first of those. You have to keep an eye to not only the plot of this book, but to the overarching plot that spans the series. This is challenging, rewarding, and absolutely fascinating.

Now the edits start. But the main work is over, and I can breathe. I can also take a few days to catch up on my promo, my web work, and all the other whatnots that crop up. Whew!

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