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Sep 16 2008

Love and Loathing

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This week, I finished edits on my Christmas story, Hunk of Coal. I also finished revisions on a story I wrote the last word on a month ago, and I submitted it (and thanks to Layla Aaron for the title help!). All this while I put the last touches on the first burst of world building for a new series and pondered the best way to get it outlined and ready to write.

I have to wonder if some writers love what they do by the end of the story. I sure as hell don’t. At the start, I’m so excited about the premise, the characters, the whole kit and kaboodle. It’s fresh! It’s new! It’s jam packed with potential and creative goodness! If you could bottle the stuff, you’d be rich.

By the end, I hate every single bloody word I’ve written.

Yep, even the.

The more I write, the more I notice patterns in how I do things and how I feel about things. Initial excitement. Panic as I have to transform ideas into words. Love as the story begins. Loathing as it ends. Doubt, depression as hours become days become weeks become months waiting for a response. Grim acceptance when the rejection comes, or elation when the acceptance does.

It’s a roller coaster I ride every time I stare at a blank Microsoft Word document. Every time I comb through pages of scribbled notes and doodles, trying to make sense of what I horked into the notebook. Every time I wonder if I couldn’t just type “And they freaking lived happily ever after! I am so done!” and send the damn thing out.

Libba Bray did a wonderful post on just this very topic. This is exactly how it works. And it’s kind of nice to know that I’m not the only one who hates what I write by the end of the thing.

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Aug 12 2008

When Work is Work

I had this talk with my husband about a week ago, and another writer friend of mine today, so I figured I’d bring it up here, too. Seems like it’s going around.

When most people imagine a writer’s job, they imagine sitting down at a computer and pouring out the book of their heart. And sometimes, it really does happen that way. The plot and details just fall together, the words practically dump themselves onto the page from your fingers, and when you look over what you’ve done, it’s got that magic something. That’s when the work is the most satisfying and rewarding.

But sometimes, work is work.

When you take up writing for publication, there’s a lot to consider. You can’t just sit down and write any old story. Not and expect to sell it, anyway. There’s a lot to consider. That fun hobby that called to you so loudly at first suddenly takes on this new, tedious side.

Writing as a hobby is very, very different. It doesn’t matter what you put out there, even if you’re writing for a fandom or forum or collection of friends. All those fun stories with trite ideas and holey plots go away. Wild, quirky ideas turn into things you know you can’t sell. For the first time, you have to consider genre, market, promotion.

You aren’t just planning your next book. You’re planning your career. You’re making choices, accepting ideas that will make your next story less what you envisioned, and more saleable.

It’s easy to forget that writing is a job. To say, “I don’t feel like doing this today” or “I only got 500 words done, that’s good enough” or “I have this great idea, and nevermind the 40k I have in on what I’m writing now”. It takes dedication, commitment, and a thick skin. You will get frustrated, depressed, angsty, and upset. Your publisher will piss you off. Your agent will piss you off. Your editor will really piss you off. You will piss you off.

You’ll hate everything you write, at some point. Plots will refuse to come together. You’ll get halfway through something and realize it sucks. You will have to stick with and finish something that you never want to see again. You will run out of words when you’ve done 500 for the day, and grit your teeth and push to 2000.

And despite all that? Yeah, you’ll love it, and you won’t want to trade it for the world.

Sometimes work is work. And sometimes work is magic. Writing is work. Even if you do it for fun, if you’re publishing, it’s also a job. But the rewards make it absolutely worthwhile.

And in publishing information, here’s a terrific Alt Text post at about how to keep yourself safe from predators while trying to get yourself published. These are things every aspiring writer should know!

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Jun 27 2008

Release Day – Moonshine!

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Moonshine CoverIt’s release day at Cobblestone Press again! And this week, I’m really, really excited about one of the titles. Well, I’m excited about all the titles, but this one in particular has me squealing.

It’s really no secret that among my best buds is Moira Rogers, shifter author, copy editor, and cover artist extraordinaire. Today’s the release of Moira’s very first book, a Wicked story called Moonshine. It’s part of the Mystic Valley world. And wow. Just wow.

I’ve already bought my copy. I’ve already devoured my copy. This story is so good. It’s hot, it’s intense, and it’s got an edge. Lars is fully edible. Most importantly, though, for a story this short, it’s got a really good plot. This isn’t just fluff. This is a meaty little story.

And it has Lars. Have I mentioned Lars?

Why are you still here? Go buy it! Right now!

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Feb 05 2008

Vampire Oracle: New Life

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I’m so excited. I got word this weekend that I’ve been picked to write the New Life Card story for the Vampire Oracle!

I’ve always had a thing for vampires. So it’s a real thrill to have the chance to revisit something I’ve always loved. I still have my “The Blood is the Life, the Life is Forever” sticker.

Time to saddle up with a dark, Gothy playlist and sink my teeth (haha!) into this story.

Make sure you visit the Vampire Oracle blog! This is such a terrific series, filled with stories by women that can really write. You have to check it out!

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Jan 04 2008

Pay Dirt Release Day!

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Hey, everyone!

It’s release day over at Cobblestone Press, and Moira Reid has a new book out! Pay Dirt looks terrific, too. How can you resist a story about winning the lottery and messing up a police investigation? Here’s the blurb:

Elle Parson wins $10 million in the Texas Two-Step Lottery and her life immediately turns to crap. First someone almost steals her purse containing the ticket.

Then, she unwittingly mucks up a police undercover operation to catch the Houston Marauder, a psychopath who has already abducted, raped and murdered three women.

Then things turn much worse.

Go over, have a look, and put it on your To Be Read list!

Also releasing today is Light of Day by Tess Harrison, which looks really intense. Have a look at that, too!

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Nov 30 2007

Cobblestone Release Day!

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Hey folks! It’s another Cobblestone release day, and you guys are in for a treat this week! I’m trying to highlight the releases of new things over here, because I know you’re all as into reading this stuff as I am.

Anyway, they’ve got two dishes on the plate today, and they’re looking spicy. Bone Deep by Summer Alan must have the hottest cover ever! I love Summer’s stuff. She can turn a great story, and it’s always hot. Black Orchid by Diana Bold looks absolutely fascinating. Love that premise.

Anyway, if you’re done reading Meghan’s Submission (you have read it, haven’t you?), you really ought to check these ladies’ out.

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