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Jan 09 2009


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A big thanks to All Romance eBooks! They chose my letter to Santa as one of their winners!

I got my iTouch yesterday, and I’ll tell you, this sucker is awesome.

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Dec 01 2008

Dear Santa

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Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. What do I want for the holidays? An iPhone/iTouch so that I can use Stanza to read all the romance I need from all the publishers I love that I buy at All Romance
. You see, Santa, I deserve the iPhone/iTouch because it will keep me out of trouble. You and I both know that reading’s the only thing that distracts me.

Well…not the only thing.

Remember the last time I ran out of books to read? I tried to do an “interactive reading” of my favorite scenes from that erotic romance novel with the hot firefighter that lives next door. Which wasn’t really a bad idea, come to think of it. But you know what happens when I get bored. I end up looking for a cowboy to help me ride the range.

And I can have all this in my favorite books, right there in the palm of my hand, if you bring me that iTouch. I can order any fantasy I can think of from All Romance eBooks. I don’t have to hunt down that naughty cop with the fuzzy handcuffs. Or Prince Charming.

We both want me to stay on your Nice List, don’t we?

Much love,


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Nov 05 2008

The Fifth of November

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Remember, remember.

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Nov 04 2008


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I am not going to tell you how to decide who to vote for. I am only going to tell you to do your research, and make your choice carefully.

I am not going to tell you who’s right, and who’s wrong. I am only going to say that gender and race should have no place in the decision process.

I am not going to tell you who to vote for. I am only going to tell you to vote. We are the are the architects of our future. Our votes will decide what is to come. And we need to cast them.


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Oct 17 2008


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The radio silence here has been deafening, I know. I’ve fallen behind on my blogging, and in fact, on some other things that I ought to be doing. And I haven’t written a word for a month, which has finally begun to make me come apart that the seams.

Fact is, I’ve been plotting. Plotting, writing backstory, and outlining. I’ve been hard at work doing it, too. When I get into a world, I immerse in it, and I have a hard time coming up for air until I’m done. In some cases, done means finished with the book, too.

I start writing it on Monday. And I expect to be lost in it for a little while. Today, I’m trying to catch up on all the little things I need to do before I wander into Idealand. But it’s hard to get that world out of my mind. Even know, it’s pulling me under.

This is one of the best parts of being a writer. Also, one of the most obnoxious. You drive your friends and family absolutely buggy. You get scatterbrained, because you’re focused on what’s in your head, not what’s outside it. But you’re there. You’re in the zone. The words will flow.

So if I’m a little quiet, I apologize. I’m just doing what I do.

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Oct 07 2008

Fifth Sentence on Page 56

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Layla Aaron posted this fun little game, and I thought I might contribute…

* Grab the nearest book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don’t dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

Nearest book – Perdido Street Station by China Mieville (which was sitting on my desk after I got done with it)

Fifth sentence – Crematoria vented into the airborne ashes of wills burnt by jealous executors, which mixed with coaldust burnt to keep dying lovers warm.

Now do the same, and post it on your blog!

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Sep 20 2008

Awesome Review at Coffeetime Romance!

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Danielle over at Coffetime Romance has reviewed Taint of Shadow, and given it five cups! It’s a terrific review, and I’m really quite proud of it. Have a little taste:

Ms. Moore has written a fantastic journey through love and treachery. This racy novel will have any reader on the edge of her seat, waiting impatiently for the ending. When I read this book I found myself enthralled with the emotional roller coaster of the two main characters. The struggle that Kayla must face with her betrayers, and the revenge she seeks was so potent I could almost touch it.

I’m glad they enjoyed it. I’m sure you will, too. If you haven’t read it yet, you can buy it here!

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Sep 16 2008

Love and Loathing

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This week, I finished edits on my Christmas story, Hunk of Coal. I also finished revisions on a story I wrote the last word on a month ago, and I submitted it (and thanks to Layla Aaron for the title help!). All this while I put the last touches on the first burst of world building for a new series and pondered the best way to get it outlined and ready to write.

I have to wonder if some writers love what they do by the end of the story. I sure as hell don’t. At the start, I’m so excited about the premise, the characters, the whole kit and kaboodle. It’s fresh! It’s new! It’s jam packed with potential and creative goodness! If you could bottle the stuff, you’d be rich.

By the end, I hate every single bloody word I’ve written.

Yep, even the.

The more I write, the more I notice patterns in how I do things and how I feel about things. Initial excitement. Panic as I have to transform ideas into words. Love as the story begins. Loathing as it ends. Doubt, depression as hours become days become weeks become months waiting for a response. Grim acceptance when the rejection comes, or elation when the acceptance does.

It’s a roller coaster I ride every time I stare at a blank Microsoft Word document. Every time I comb through pages of scribbled notes and doodles, trying to make sense of what I horked into the notebook. Every time I wonder if I couldn’t just type “And they freaking lived happily ever after! I am so done!” and send the damn thing out.

Libba Bray did a wonderful post on just this very topic. This is exactly how it works. And it’s kind of nice to know that I’m not the only one who hates what I write by the end of the thing.

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Sep 04 2008

Win Taint of Shadow!

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My newest release, Taint of Shadow, is up for today’s Book-A-Day Giveaway over at The Romance Studio. Go over there for your chance to win!

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Aug 29 2008

Five Things a Writer Should Never Do

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Writing’s not really an exact science. Everyone does it differently. There’s not really a one, right way to accomplish a good, finished book, and that’s not only for different authors, but for the same author in different stories.

Still, there are things that no writer should ever do, at least, in my opinion.

1. Say, “Oh, what a great idea! I’ll make sure to remember that!” – No, you won’t. You’ll forget it. No matter how stupendous or Earth-shattering the idea is, it’ll be gone sometime in the next fifteen minutes. Trust me.

Keep a notebook and pen beside your bed. Keep a little notepad and pen in your purse. And in your car. Write that amazing idea down rightnowthisminute. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

2. Be satisfied with your good idea’s first iteration. – Yeah, it’s a great idea. It’s an amazing idea. Push it further.

Make notes on it. Clarify it. Mull it over. Ask, “And then what?” or “And what else?” See if you can’t take it to the next level. No idea should ever get to rest on its laurels.

3. Get so attached to an idea that you can’t scrap it. – Ideas have to be reworked. So do stories. So does prose. Never etch these things into cement.

Plots, characters, and ideas, these things are your clay. They need to stay malleable until you can be satisfied with the final work. And sometimes, that means having the whole piece done, seeing that it’s not what it should be, and mashing it right back down into a lump so that you can build it up again. Edits happen. So do complete reworks of first drafts.

Never set yourself up for heartbreak. Love your ideas. Cherish them. Nurture them. Hold them in your heart. But remember that they’re going to take a beating before they’re ready to go.

4. Settle for less than the best you can do. – Yes, it may be good enough for your friends. Might be good enough for your agent, or your publisher. Is it good enough for you?

I think every writer’s come to a point with a manuscript where they were totally disgusted with it. Or where they had to make a hard decision: cut the plot a little short and get it out the door, or go through another 100 pages of torture? It happens.

The written word is a legacy, even if you aren’t Hemingway. And if you make a sacrifice you are not comfortable with, you’ll be mad at yourself for it. When that thing releases, you’ll want to crawl under your desk. Everyone in the world may love it to death, but you don’t, and you’ve got to stand behind it. So make sure you’re comfortable with what you’ve done.

5. Lose your wonder for storytelling. – Writing’s work. It’s a business. It’s filled with paperwork, unpleasant edits, waiting, anxiety, pain, torment, people who don’t perform to your expectations, and fickle trends. And it’s easy to get mired in that.

Never, ever lose your sense of wonder in the art of storytelling. Never forget that with your words, you’re taking your readers to a new and amazing place. Someone may read that thing next to a loved one’s hospital bed, looking for the comfort of an escape at a bad time. Someone may sit on their porch with a glass of iced tea and make an already good day better.

Words and stories are power. They are magic that only a wordsmith can make. Never forget that.

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