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Oct 19 2008

Thanks, Coffeetime!

This morning, I shambled out of the bedroom to find a wonderful thing in my inbox. It seems that Danielle at Coffeetime Romance reviewed Taint of Shadow, and thought it was fantastic! She wrote up a terrific review, which you can read right here, but more, she awarded it with their CTRR Award!

This is their reviewer’s recommendation award. She liked it so well that she wants to recommend it, and I’m just tickled purple (I don’t do pink). This is a terrific honor, and I don’t think there’s anything nicer than to hear that someone loves your book enough to enthuse about it to others.

Thanks, Danielle!

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Sep 03 2008

Taint of Shadow’s First Review

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My latest publication, Taint of Shadow, just received its first review, and it’s a good one! Thanks to Melissa Conatser from ParaNormalRomance Reviews for her opinion:

This is my first Cassandra Moore book and I have to say that I will be looking for more from her. Moore delivered great characters, plenty of action and a very well thought out story. I can’t wait to read the next in this series so I can find out what happens to Kayla and Noah and their pack.

Thanks again, Melissa and ParaNormalRomance! The full review is here if you want to check it out.

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Jun 27 2008

Release Day – Moonshine!

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Moonshine CoverIt’s release day at Cobblestone Press again! And this week, I’m really, really excited about one of the titles. Well, I’m excited about all the titles, but this one in particular has me squealing.

It’s really no secret that among my best buds is Moira Rogers, shifter author, copy editor, and cover artist extraordinaire. Today’s the release of Moira’s very first book, a Wicked story called Moonshine. It’s part of the Mystic Valley world. And wow. Just wow.

I’ve already bought my copy. I’ve already devoured my copy. This story is so good. It’s hot, it’s intense, and it’s got an edge. Lars is fully edible. Most importantly, though, for a story this short, it’s got a really good plot. This isn’t just fluff. This is a meaty little story.

And it has Lars. Have I mentioned Lars?

Why are you still here? Go buy it! Right now!

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Jun 04 2008

Summer Reading

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Seduction 101 Cover I spend a lot of time during the summer reading. The kids are home, they want to play the XBox, they want to go swimming, so I’ve got some space to read while they do their thing.

I nabbed a copy of my good friend Moira Reid‘s Seduction 101, and I was so totally not sorry. Folks, go read this thing. Really. Even the infamous Mrs. Giggles liked it, which is saying a lot. This is a heck of a hot story. It doesn’t have anything new under the sun, but sometimes, that nice, comfortable ground is just where you want to be.

I’m a finicky reader, and I loved this story. Why are you reading this blog post? Go read it!

Still here? I’ve also just finished The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie, and I really, really liked it. It’s a terrific fantasy novel. I think I’m going to try to talk Mr. Moore into taking me to the bookstore tonight so I can go get the next one.

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Dec 28 2007

Two More Reviews!

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I’ve got two more reviews for Meghan’s Submission to share with you! I’m all jazzed about them, as they’re excellent. Have a look!

The first comes to us from reviewer Barb at Two Lips Reviews. She gave it Five Lips out of five, and had this to say about it:

What does a D/s relationship really consist of? Which roles do the participants play? The answer, in short, is that a Dom’s role is to give a sub what he or she wants. Even if the sub doesn’t know what these wants are. It has everything to do with complete and total abandonment on the sub’s part and nothing to do with control on the Dom’s part. In giving oneself over the sub allows the Dom to guide the sub to his or her own desires. In return the satisfaction of bringing such pleasure is an experience any Dom worth their salt would understand. And sometime it’s as easy as being in the right place at the right time. For Meghan and Spencer that is exactly what happens. Meghan works in a bank. Spencer is the caterer. One is there to deliver a message the other is there to set the stage. Now they are about to discover what happens when fate steps in. One moment, one decision will change both of their lives.

Valentines Day is a day of mixed emotions for some. It’s great if you have someone special but if you don’t it can be one of the loneliest days of the year. In Meghan’s Submission by Cassandra Moore, for two people it turns into a day like no other day in their lives.

I really enjoyed how this story captures the reader attention in such a suitable way and spurs them into the life of these two people. This is a story anyone can relate to. Haven’t we all felt the hollow feeling of loneliness? These experiences are totally out of character for our hero and heroine, yet given the right circumstance each find out something about themselves they may never have had an opportunity to discover otherwise. Meghan is an average woman just trying to get through each day. She could be any women out there, with the difference that she is lucky enough to find Spencer who is willing to give fulfil her every desire and in doing so Spencer gets a reward that he never could have imagined. This book is a treat for all us readers.


Wow! Thanks, Barb!

The second review comes to us from Euro-Reviews, and reviewer Aya29, who gave it a 5/5 rating:

Meghan’s wildest dreams come to life as she finds a rose with a seductive, intriguing note that leads her to a snazzy penthouse with an exotic set-up and the most seductive and dominating man. Will she be able to hold on to this dream-like existence?


Cassandra Moore has written just how a a woman should be treated and cared for. An insight into my daydreams. An book worth reading over and over again.


Thanks to Aya29 for her kind words! I’m so glad to see people are enjoying the book I’ve written!

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Dec 20 2007

Four Star Review for Meghan!

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I just got my first review for Meghan’s Submission! It was from Just Erotic Romance Reviews, and it’s a great one. Have a look:

Title: Meghan’s Submission
Author: Cassandra Moore
Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Publisher URL:
Reviewer: Claudia Orpik
Rating: 4 Stars
Heat level: H

Meghan has just ended her boring day as a bank teller.  To add insult to injury, her date for Valentine’s Day cancels.  On the way to the bus stop, she finds a yellow rose on the ground.  While picking it up, thinking it’s fallen from a larger bouquet, she finds a suggestive note, and it challenges her to widen her sexual horizons.  Will she meet the writer of this note, placing herself in someone else’s hands?

I usually don’t buy chance sexual encounters with strangers, but Meghan’s Submission really worked for me.  The author put together a plot, linking random coincidences that when put together were believable.  While Meghan is deciding on following her curiosity, Spencer, the chef hired to cater the event, is told that the original couple has cancelled.  Imagine his surprise when Meghan walks in and he falls in love at first sight!  Spencer then proceeds to give Meghan the night of her dreams.  I found the erotic chemistry between the two characters to be very believable.  Spencer is such a romantic, taking great care of Meghan, satisfying all her needs.  I most enjoyed the way that Ms. Moore concluded this novella, allowing both characters to explore whether this would be just a one night stand or the beginning of a satisfying relationship.  I look forward to more of Cassandra Moore’s work in the future.

Claudia Orpik
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Thanks to Ms. Orpik for her kind words. I’m so excited. My very first review!

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