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The Accidental Husband
Mail Call Mates Book 1

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You’ll love this book if you like:

  • Arranged marriages
  • Broken heroes
  • Military heroes
  • A little bit of science fiction in your romance
  • Steam and swooning, too
  • Opposites attracting
  • First-time encounters for heroes just discovering how hot men can be
  • Chatty first-person narrators


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The Mail Call Mates series is set not too far in the future from the present day.

Technology is a bit more advanced, but so is the climate crisis. We have colonized the moon, and reached Mars.

Artificial Intelligence in particular has improved. Especially in terms of making marriage matches.




Link Still Being Fixed!



Pre-Apocalyptic Pen Monkey

Cassandra Moore was born in a pre-apocalyptic desert wasteland. She emerged without memories or even the ability to hold up her own head, but she did not let that stop her. Undaunted by her small size and need for a liquid diet, she embarked on a journey to write first her own story, then the stories of made-up people who clamored for tales all the same.

She has since escaped the desert to live in the shadow of the Front Range. She, her husband, and her daughter exist to provide warm laps for the cat to sleep in, pets for the dog, and food for a growing corvid army. When Cassandra isn’t writing, she’s reading, knitting, hiking, or playing video games. She is currently pivoting into M/M and LGBTQ+ romance with a little science, a little fantasy, and a lot of swoon.

Paper books will always have a special place in many readers’ hearts, but it’s hard to take 200 paperbacks with you to read in the lobby of the DMV. All Cassandra’s books go into eBook format so you can get your romance on while waiting to renew your vehicle registration.


And sometimes paperbacks


Long commute? Like to take extensive walks? Traditional reading just not your cup of tea? Audiobooks are fantastic for anyone who’d like to pour books directly into their heads through their ears. Cassandra has one audiobook right now, and more on the way!


Put romance directly into your earholes




Where It Started

It all started with a hero, a heroine, and a tendency to turn into a werewolf. There’s also a random ghost story because some stories don’t care about genre, they just want to be told.


Where It’s Going

A newfound love of M/M and LGBTQ+ romances has brought about a change of direction in my writing. The first of the M/M books is, “The Accidental Husband”, a military light sci-fi arranged marriage romance.

Expect to see more love and steam between men in the future! 


Where To Find It

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