Werewolf Bikers at the Start of the Apocalypse

When the world’s going to the dogs, the only ones who can save innocent people are the wolves.

Life as humans knew it has changed for the worse as a contagion rips through Earth’s population. Called the Feral Plague, it turns the infected into mutated, shapeshifting beasts without control over their hunger. Vast areas of North America have fallen prey to the virus. Efforts to stem the spread of the plague are slowly failing.

The only ones immune to infection are the natural shapeshifters. Packs of werewolves protect the little cities that government efforts can’t or won’t keep safe. In the small town of Coyote Trail, that means the Bully Boys. They’re motorcycle-riding knights who traded their armor for fur and fangs.

For some of them, the need to protect Coyote Trail is personal, and their hearts are on the line.


Dare the Wolf

Jake and Anita

Brave the Night

Shane and Erin