Dare the wolf

A dangerous world needs heroes. Even a small town like Coyote Trail, Arizona must have knights to defend it from the swarms of savage shapeshifters who roam the deserts. Called Ferals, these once-human abominations threaten to inflict any pockets of civilization with a plague that will turn good people into mutated beasts.

The Bully Boys are the only defense Coyote Trail has. Part bikers, part paladins, the modern-day wolf pack on wheels has dedicated themselves to running the Ferals down. True werewolves have personal reasons for wanting to destroy every Feral they see, and the Bullies refuse to lose their town without a fight.

Jake Ballard hasn’t lived in Coyote Trail long. He’s the new kid in town, a werewolf from a city that fell to the Great Beast Plague. Losing another home isn’t an option for him. Especially not since his new town has Anita Calderon in it. She’s had his heart since the moment they met, even though the ring on her finger means they could never be more than friends.

Anita Calderon has made her peace with a now-lifeless marriage to Lou, mechanic to the wolf pack and town golden boy. Everyone in Coyote Trail loves the man who keeps the Bullies in the business of killing Ferals – except the wife he ignores. She deserves better, but leaving Lou would make her a pariah in the little town she’s built her life in.

Until she finds proof that Lou has been unfaithful. One simple text message could offer Anita a chance to find the love she deserves. It also starts a chain of events that could tear apart the Bully Boys and threaten Coyote Trail itself.

Dare the Wolf is a paranormal romance that contains hot werewolf bikers, hotter desert nights, dangerous fights with uncontrolled shapeshifters, and a world on the road to the apocalypse.



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