Someone Else’s Fairytale

A haunted English manor. A handsome prince of industry. For Hanna Sparrow, her new position is like stepping into someone else’s fairytale. If she can banish the specters of the past, she might win the prince herself.

Hanna Sparrow needs a job. Her nanny gig has not just ended but exploded, and it has taken her professional reputation down with it. One creep of a former boss plus one denied kiss equals no references and no hopes to get off her friend’s couch anytime soon.

Gregory Pierce needs to hire a governess. Not just any governess, however. One willing to take an unusual position without judgement or too many questions asked up front. The billionaire CEO is willing to pay a princess’s ransom for the right person to take care of a child who doesn’t exist.

They need each other, but as they fall into each other’s arms, the past rises to tear them apart. For there are no children living in historic Greenhill Hall. Only secrets, shadows, and the spirits of those who refuse to go quietly into the hereafter.



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